Hale Kula™ is the Hawaii Virtual School's online learning center. Each day, students from around the world log into the learning center to access their classes, take tests, work with live instructors, and much more.

Hale Kula™ contains the finest interactive curriculum available. With a dynamic catalog of courses ranging from elementary arithmetic to animation production, students are offered unparalleled opportunities to advance their education.

Hale Kula™ courses are aligned to the academic standards of each of the 50 states. Each course is comprehensive and includes interactive activities, video, and other multimedia to engage students. Courses contain 180 lessons each and built-in assessment tools to gauge student achievement. Students may log into the Learning Center from virtually anywhere at any time. Student activity is monitored to provide detailed reports and transcripts to parents and educators 24/7.

For more information about Hale Kula™, contact The Hawaii Virtual School.